For many years CSI specialized in providing businesses with accounting and productivity software on a variety of mini-computers.

Clients relied on CSI to help select, install and train users on their business software. As business requirements change, CSI modified accounting and business process software to meet new requirements.

The customer base extended from San Diego California to Spokane Washington with a combination of on-site and other support methods as required by each client.

When the internet and the world wide web became available, CSI began helping clients transition many of their batched processes to online software which managed customer, vendor and inventory transactions in real time.

This also allowed branch facilities and off-site personnel to be connected to customer and inventory records that resided on in-house servers. CSI also created and maintained websites and portals for clients. The following clients all had custom modified software as indicated.


Accounting References

For over 30 years a variety of clients have used Commercial Systems, Inc. business services. CSI specializes in three well-known wholesale distribution software packages, which are easily modified to client specifications. In addition, CSI has also supported custom software for schools, finance, accounting, lodging, farming and other business categories either directly or indirectly through support contracts with other hardware and software companies.

A-1 Rental (1)

Advanced Network Design (2)

Alpha Micro Systems (1)

American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) (3)

Aspen Medical Rental (1)

Carman Tools and Abrasives (5)

Coastline ROP School (1)

Continental Home Loan (1)

Custom Wheel Accessories (5)

Ditch Witch of LA & OC. (2)

Entous & Entous Accounting (1)

FreighData Software (1)

Fremont Medical Center (1)

Holiday Tree Farms (3)

Imports D’Italia (2)

Inn at Spanish Bay (4)

Magarro Farms (2)

Magnolia School District (1)

Morita Produce (2)

Pebble Beach Lodge (4)

Peterman Lumber (1)

Playtime Distributing Co. (2)

Point 4 Corporation (1)

Rainbow Publications (1)

Safeco Packaging (3)

Staedtler/Mars Engineering Products (1)



Open Systems

Basis International
Thoroughbred Software
MAS 500 Accounting


(1) Custom, (2) OSAS Software, (3) Thoroughbred Software, (4) CLS Hospitality Software, (5) Sage MAS 500


The Programming language used by CSI to implement business solutions runs on an interpreter that can resides on a variety of operating systems, such as, UNIX, Linux, Microsoft Windows, and many proprietary operating systems on a wide variety of hardware platforms. The use of Client/Server Technology coupled with 3GL and Object Oriented 4GL development environments allows diverse company and departmental requirements to be implemented. CSI can help clients with the selection of hardware and software, installation, configuration and training. Custom program modifications that incorporate client business rules can allow all data entry and management reporting requirements to be met.