For many years CSI has specialized in providing businesses with accounting and productivity software on a variety of computers.

Clients rely on CSI to help select, install and train users on their business software.

As business requirements change, CSI modifies accounting and business productivity software to meet new requirements.

The customer base extends from San Diego California to Spokane Washington with a combination of on-site and other support methods as required by each client. 

When the internet and the world wide web became available, CSI began helping clients transition many of their batched accounting processes to online website software which managed customer, vendor and inventory transactions in real time.

This also allowed branch facilities and off-site personnel to be connected to customer and inventory records that resided on in-house servers.

CSI also creates and maintains websites and portals for clients. The client list on the accounting references page indicates the accounting apps and custom software managed for a variety of clients. 

Commercial Systems, Inc. is owned and operated by Rich Roth in Huntington Beach, CA.  Besides over 31 years of computer consulting and programming with clients in California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington and Nevada, my background also includes accounting, marketing and photography. Main areas of expertise include accounting application installation and modification, web development and search engine optimization.

When not consulting I enjoy flying, I have a private pilot certificate, a complex airplane endorsement and an instrument rating.  I fly single engine airplanes like the one shown.  It’s a Super Stallion 6 passenger that has a cruising speed of 200 knots per hour.

Rich Roth, Pilot